Singer and composer, Haim has been
giving voice workshops in France
and around the world from over
twenty five years. His background, which started out in
classical conservatory training, found its path when he
met the Roy Hart Theater in 1982.


A wide repertoire
(jazz, classic and world music)
Individual work on songs
Polyphonic singing
Phrasing and rhythm
Interpretation and theatricality

vocal placement

Breathing exercises
The body as a source of resonance
Enlarging the vocal range


Based on a song
Based on rhythmic or harmonic structures
Individual and group improvisations
Accompanied by instruments
or a cappella


Sounds that go beyond the realm of “pretty” towards texture and vocal landscape

Haim is currently collaborating in several teaching projects

Compagnie Philippe Genty

CDN Poitou-Charentes
(Yves Beaunesne)

Conservatoire National Supérieur Art Dramatique (Paris)

Galapiat Cirque

Théâtre Le Samovar

La Maison du Conte

Conservatoire de Lille

CFMI (Université de Lyon)

Danske Hospitalsklovne (Clowns à l'ôpital au Danemark)

All of the  workshops and weekly classes are for professional performers who sing in tune and have a good musical sense.

Technical training : breathing, voice placement, registers, body resonances.
Songs : technic, phrasing, interpretation.
Improvisation : rhythmic, melodic, vocal textures.
Personal projects : involving music are welcome.

weekly classes

next classe : september 10, 2018


Monday : 19h - 22h

Tuesday : 19h - 22h

Thursday : 13h30 - 16h30

These classes are reserved for professional performers.

12 participants maximum
Price : 38 € per class. To be paid at the beginning of the trimester for the whole trimester.

Place : Compagnie RL
11 rue Saint Luc

Digicode : Cie RL
75018 M° Barbès ou La Chapelle


Vocal improvisation workshops with instrumental accompaniment

For singers with previous experience in free improvisation.

Saturday December 1 and 8 2018

Program : 14h - 16h physical and vocal warm-up


16h - 19h vocal improvisations accompanied by Gaël Ascal (double bass) and Matthieu Beaudin and Cyrille Froger

Price : 70€ for the day (no registration required for the 2 sessions

Lieu : Compagnie RL
11 rue Saint Luc
Digicode : Cie RL
75018 M° Barbès ou La Chapelle


Clown, Hospital and Music

In collaboration with Michael Christensen - creator of "Clows à l'Hôpital

Music is an extremely valuable tool for artists performing in healthcare environments. Skillfully utilized, music speaks every language, touches every culture and never insists. That is why Michael Christensen and I will be offering a five-day workshop this summer focused solely on music and how to integrate it into your work with vulnerable populations.
During the six-hours a day, five-day instructional period, I will establish solid musical vocabulary and together with Michael, we will explore methods of integrating it directly into healthcare settings. Music as a duo, music alone, music in the room, music in the clinics, hallways, nurses’ stations, music on hospital paraphernalia, sublime musical moments and raucous musical surprises.
Michael was the first clown to work in the hospital environment. He is a direct inspiration to the generations of clowns who followed his example. In 1986, Michael founded the Big-Apple-Circus-Clown-Clown-Care Unit, the first official organization to offer clowns in the care environment. Several clowns who worked there with him later founded organizations all over the world. He currently gives hospital clown workshops throughout Europe.
A word from Michael:
I chose to partner with Haim for this specialized session because he teaches music in a language that artists can immediately absorb and integrate into their work on the hospital floors. Haim’s techniques inform voice, partnering, character, rhythm, improvisational structure and musical rudiments easily applied to instruments, movement and/or the human voice.

30 may - 05 June 2019
1500 €
Includes workshop (30 hours), breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation in a double bedroom.
Does not include transportation.
Where :
Grimone 26410 Glandage